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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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Knowing the architecture of the pol beta catalytic domain in atomic detail, we are now positioned to design small, synthetic molecules which bind tightly in the active site of the enzyme and render it inactive, much as we have with two other enzymes involved in the proliferation of cancer cells," said Robert C.
Activating and dominant inactivating c-KIT catalytic domain mutations in distinct clinical forms of human mastocytosis.
The truncated catalytic domain of MMP-9 (MMP-9 CD) comprising residues 107-216 and 391-444 was constructed and cloned into a pET-15b vector (Novagen Brand), resulting in expression plasmid pET15b-MMP-9 CD (Jiang et al 2010).
Mutation detection in the nucleotide binding loop (P-loop), the catalytic domain and the activation loop of the ABL gene was performed via PCR-based dHPLC using a WAVE DNA fragment analysis system (Transgenomic).
6-7 MMP-9 is secreted as zymogen with prodomain, gelatin-binding domain consisting of three contiguous fibronectin type II units, catalytic domain, proline-rich linker region, and C-terminal hemopexin-like domain.
The catalytic domain is referred to as the A-chain of DT (DTA); the remainder is referred to as the B-chain.
Schering Corporation (Kenilworth, NJ) has patented a modified tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme catalytic domain, that unlike the native tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme catalytic domain, is stable at high protein concentrations.
Cysteine Residues in the Catalytic Domain of Furin are Essential for Catalytic Activity and Proper Subcellular Trafficking.
Disruption of a critical Cys residue in the catalytic domain of SptP results in loss of phosphatase activity (38).
One of the most interesting ribozymes Bartel and his colleagues found had a catalytic domain 93 nucleotides long.
Finally, in the catalytic domain activation loop, T229 is phosphorylated by PDK1 (3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase) (Pullen et al.
The domain structure of Chi-54 gene shows a cellulose binding domain (CBD), chitin binding domain (ChBD), a catalytic domain (CD), and a signal peptide (SP), (Fig 1).
Cysteine Residues in the Catalytic Domain of Mammalian Furin Form Disulfide Bonds That are Critical for Catalytic Activity.
This DNAzyme has a catalytic domain of 15 deoxynucleotides flanked by two substrate-recognition domains (arms).