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acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

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The technology, called Catalytic Depolymerization, was invented by Dr.
102005010151) for a process known as catalytic depolymerization of carbon-containing waste, as well as for the apparatus needed to realize the process.
is currently in the process of a developing a proprietary technology that utilizes a process known as catalytic depolymerization to produce diesel fuel and heating oil from various forms of recyclable waste materials, including waste oils, plastics and organics.
In addition to housing the Company's catalytic depolymerization system, the pilot plant will include two separate bulk storage tanks, one of which is to be used for housing input waste materials and other for housing finished fuel products, as well as space for serial production.
OTCBB:CLYV) announced today that it has completed an initial study of the catalytic depolymerization technology that it is currently developing.