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acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

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Whether sinensetin and eupatorin, the two in vitro CYP1A2 inhibitors investigated in the present study, can affect CYP1A2 catalytic activity in clinical situations remains to be investigated.
The effect of variation EDA concentration on the catalytic activity was investigated (Figure 1).
Chemists and material scientists survey nanometer-sized particles that have an influence on catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability and modern synthetic methods used to make nano-sized particles.
In this paper we link the catalytic activity of carboxypeptidase N to tumor progression in clinical samples from breast cancer patients and a breast cancer animal model.
The catalytic activity appeared to depend on the mesoporosity and the Si/Al ratio of the zeolite.
Tissue-specific differences in catalytic activity, however, appeared between birds with mild and severe pathology responses.
However, adding large amounts of copolymers for maximum catalytic activity is a problem.
At higher temperatures the tertiary structure of enzymes is often ruptured, leading to denaturation and loss of their catalytic activity.
The expression and catalytic activity of neural endopeptidase (NEP) which is involved in degrading beta amyloid was also measured.
The complex, di(morpholine)titanium dichloride (2a) which was first obtained by serendipity during the synthesis of complex (3a) was successfully synthesized using a chosen synthon and having bidentate ligand will have better catalytic activity than monodentate ligands.
The Stevens and Eindhoven team will investigate oxygen's interaction with gold and silver nanoparticles at the molecular level in order to elucidate the mechanism of their catalytic activity and widen their range of application.
The catalyst's high level of activity was determined from a systematic experiment (hat studied the catalytic activity of 10 known compounds, including iridium oxide, which was previously the best known catalyst for hydrogen fuel production.
The term "RNA World" refers to a hypothetical time in the evolution of life on earth in which catalytic RNA was the sole genetic material and in which the standard Watson-Crick pairing was the basis of genetic manipulation; a hypothesis that has been given a new lease on life due to the recent discovery of present-day RNA molecules that do indeed display catalytic activity.
The nanocomposite has been characterized by various techniques, and we also investigate its catalytic activity in detail by taking the reduction of p-nitrophenol as a model reaction.
Heat shock proteins (HSP's) closely interact with 20S proteasome and have been shown to maintain catalytic activity, responsible for the prevention of protein aggregation.