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a region of northeastern Spain

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Other policies that challenged the conservative society, which has greatly changed over the last decade by moving away from traditional hard-core conservative positions, were the amnesty given to 700,000 illegal immigrants, the large amount of autonomy granted to the region of Catalunia through new status, and the decision to begin dialogue with the ETA, which at the time had declared a cease-fire.
Mr Hassan Hal Houl, General secretary of the Islamic Council of Catalunia (Spain)
In Spain plans to regulate and liberalize the sports betting market are already revealed in the autonomous communities of Madrid, Catalunia, and El Pais Basco.
Under the pressure of Berlusconi's allies, the Europe he imagined was a Europe of Nations: a Europe in which the fiscal autonomy of the "nations" of Veneto, Lombardy, and Piedmont was safeguarded (a Europe of ethnocultural particularisms not altogether different from the one imagined in Catalunia, the Basque country, or Flemish Belgium).
Partners in England, the Basque country, Catalunia, Friesland, Ireland, and Wales set out to produce a simple-to-use tool for making bilingual multimedia story books in the lesser used languages of Europe.