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a native or inhabitant of Catalonia

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the Romance language spoken in Catalonia in eastern Spain (related to Spanish and Occitan)

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He adds: 'All they expect now of people who wish to form part of their country is that they either learn to speak, or at least understand, the Catalan language.
Since that included major military action against the city of Barcelona, its people and their Catalan language during and after the Spanish civil war, the only surprise was that Echevarria ever became a director of a club which is a symbol of the region's resistance.
The Catalan language has made a comeback following the death of Franco who banned the language and culture originally.
With an inadvertent illiteracy paralleling Franco's efforts to squelch Catalan language and culture, MOMA, in both the catalogues and the signage, omitted the accents on the final vowels of the artists' names.
The second is the new prominence and assertiveness of the Catalan language, even if much of Barcelona remains equally at home in Castilian and the many immigrants drawn from elsewhere in Spain by economic opportunities have not taken to their hearts the local language.
Under Franco's 19391975 regime, Catalan language and culture were ruthlessly suppressed and scores of local politicians were executed or jailed.
Only Bishop Jules Carsalade du Pont (1899-1932), the religious figure who dominated the Roussillon in the first decades of the twentieth century (as Andre Raess had dominated Alsace in the middle decades of the nineteenth century), came to believe that where Catalan failed, religion failed: "Experience has proved to us that the abandonment of the Catalan language in the teaching of catechism was, without any doubt, one of the principal causes of the religious ignorance we so painfully suffer, and, in consequence, of the diminishment of faith among our peoples.
Barcelona belongs to a proud cultural heritage extending back to the ninth century, of which the Catalan language (not dialect) is but one feature.
From time to time the Castilian-speaking leadership in Madrid has tried to suppress the Catalan language and culture.
American Express will provide assistance related to management of cards issued by "La Caixa" including the development of a customer service program, in the Catalan language.
Sort means "luck" in the Catalan language spoken here, and residents were celebrating Friday after striking it big in a national lottery for the second time in three years.
Catalan language policy and the challenge of new immigration: Nosaltres parlem Catal?