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a native or inhabitant of Catalonia

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the Romance language spoken in Catalonia in eastern Spain (related to Spanish and Occitan)

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The motion to begin moves towards the creation of a Catalan Republic was approved by 72 votes to 63 in the Catalan assembly.
The will of the Catalan people cannot be suspended.
We are very excited that this mission is being taken up by women all around the world, and the Catalan chapter is becoming the newest member of our global WL family," states Eva Klaudinyova, a co-founder of Women in Localization and Executive Board member in charge of chapter management and international expansion.
One of them who vehemently refutes the idea is himself a Catalan: "There existed neither a Catalan nation nor a democracy -- that is for sure", says historian and author Jordi Canal from the Spanish daily "La Voz de Galicia".
Mas's speech was punctuated by chants of "visca Catalunya" - Catalonia lives - and "independencia" from the crowd, many of them decked out in the vivid red, yellow and blue of the Catalan independence flag.
After failing to get the Spanish government to a agree to a full-blown referendum, the Catalan government decided to hold a "non-referendum consultation," which the central government referred to the Constitutional Court, thus automatically suspending it for five months.
The Estelada, which was lifted by Duane Boisclair , a young citizen, is of symbolic importance as it is the result of an exchange of flags which took place earlier in Barcelona between Carme Forcadell, president of the Catalan national Assembly (ANC), and young Quebec activists who participated in the " Mission: New Countries - Let ' s raise the wind .
At the Ensemble Eolien Catalan wind farm, technology being utilized in Vestas turbines is similar to the stealth technology utilized in several military applications like stealth aircraft.
Catalans 46 Broncos 4 MORGAN ESCARE'S brilliant hat-trick virtually booked Catalan Dragons' Super League play-off place.
A restaurant in Penarth will be hosting a traditional Catalan onion festival next month.
The Catalan Parliament in Barcelona voted 87 to 43, with 3 abstentions, to send a petition to the national parliament seeking the power to call a popular vote on the region's future.
Reviving Catalan at school; challenges and instructional approaches.
Separatist organisers in favour of a new Catalan state hope hundreds of thousands of people will join hands Wednesday afternoon in a line stretching 400 kilometers (250 miles) across the bilingual northeastern region where Catalan and Spanish are both spoken.
Like many other Catalans, they said their region was treated unfairly over taxes and cultural issues such as the Catalan language.
The Orange County Register reports 35-year-old Anna Catalan pleaded guilty in federal court as part of a plea deal reached with prosecutors.