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a native or inhabitant of Catalonia

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the Romance language spoken in Catalonia in eastern Spain (related to Spanish and Occitan)

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Rajoy has strongly opposed Catalan independence and is relying on the courts to stop it.
The motion to begin moves towards the creation of a Catalan Republic was approved by 72 votes to 63 in the Catalan assembly.
One of them who vehemently refutes the idea is himself a Catalan: "There existed neither a Catalan nation nor a democracy -- that is for sure", says historian and author Jordi Canal from the Spanish daily "La Voz de Galicia".
Independence for the region, which already has significant self-governing powers, is thus considered a remote possibility, but Catalan President Artur Mas is buoyed by a groundswell of public support to defy Madrid with plans for a referendum.
But Rugby League tipster Rod Studd thinks backing Catalan on the handicap could be the best bet.
TEAMS Raiders), Jacob Castleford Tigers), Moss (both Pring (both Leeds London Broncos), I Wilkes (all North (Salford City Parry, Reece (South (Warrington (both Wigan Dragons), Barthau Bemba (Lzignan), Bentley Dragons), Elima (Lzignan), Guiraud (Toulouse), Maria Mounis (Saint-Estve XIII Catalan Dragons), Lot), Soubeyras Dragons), Stacul Tisseyre (Lzignan).
In A Companion to Catalan Culture, Dominic Keown has produced a welcome collection of ten short essays dealing with varied cultural aspects of Catalonia past, present and future.
Serial television fiction in the Catalan language owes its existence to the public channel launched in 1983, Televisio de Catalunya (TVC), attached to the Corporacio Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA).
The Catalans then took the lead in the 27th minute when a smart play that started with Henderson and involved Dureau, Setaimata Sa and Clint Greenshields, before the full-back handed the ball onto Daryl Millard for the centre to score down the Catalan left hand side.
Having been asked to comment on the state of Catalan Studies in the United States, I must consider it an invitation to speak about myself.
Il demande ensuite au defenseur du Barca d'y repondre en catalan, ce qu'il fait.
1 million) "Pa Negre" (Black Bread) is one of several projects--with "Heroes," "Bruc" and robot pic "Eva"--on which Catalan institutions are betting significant coin in a bid to raise the profile of the region's film industry.
Dozens of Catalan investors are scheduled to arrive to the Bulgarian mountain resort town of Razlog at the initiative of the Bulgarian-Catalan Chamber of Commerce (BGCAT).
The scheme is in line with EU rules that allow state subsidies for cultural objectives and, in the case at stake, for the promotion of multilingualism and cultural diversity The scheme aims to promote the use of the Catalan language, in particular in the film industry.