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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Use of Bartonella antigens for serologic diagnosis of cat-scratch disease at a national referral center.
Serology to Bartonella (Rochalimaea) henselae may replace traditional diagnostic criteria for cat-scratch disease.
Monthly number of patients with cat-scratch disease, France, 1999-2009 Mean no.
The two most common sites of regional lymphadenopathy in patients with cat-scratch disease are the upper extremities (46% of cases) and the head and neck region (26%).
In the United States alone, >20,000 cases of Lyme disease and about the same number of cases of cat-scratch disease occur annually (2).
henselae in blood and in CSF of a young woman with a previous diagnosis of classical cat-scratch disease support the potential that this bacterium can cause chronic intravascular and central nervous system infections in immunocompetent persons (9).
Serological response to "Rochalimaea henselae" antigen in suspected cat-scratch disease.
henselae causes cat-scratch disease, possibly the most common zoonosis acquired from domestic animals in industrialized countries and is becoming increasingly associated with other syndromes, particularly ocular infections and endocarditis (2-6).
We analyzed the genetic relatedness of blood culture isolates of Bartonella henselae from 2 cats of patients with cat-scratch disease at admission and after 12 months.
in cats, fleas, and gland tissue from humans with suspected cat-scratch disease in Marseille Gland tissue, Fleas, n/N (%) n/N (%) Bartonella sp.
Cat-scratch disease and other zoonotic Bartonella infections.
Domestic cats are the principal reservoir for Bartonella henselae, the main agent of cat-scratch disease (CSD); B.
1 0 1 1 Clostridium 1 0 1 1 perfringens Tropheryma 0 0 1 1 whipplei Miscellaneous 21 0 21 21 Neoplasm 0 0 0 47 Unknown 0 0 0 350 Total 148 245 236 449 * CSD, cat-scratch disease.