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NYSE: BZ) announces that two new Boise FIREWORX colored paper additions - Turbulent Turquoise(TM) and Cat Tail Copper(TM) - are now available for sale.
In a cute scene called 'Cuddly Tricks' by the Twinkling Toes and Tiny Twinkling Toes, an adorable group of teeny ballerina babes who were adorned with bunny ears, cheetah spots and cat tails made their way on stage by popping out of boxes, bursting through cages, hopping into hula hoops and walking across balance beams.
Cat tails can be hooked by the tapered end for ease in casting, kinda aerodynamic.
Also spotted at the event were several cat tails and a man with a surprisingly calm gray cat perched on his shoulder.
In the style of Joni Mitchell and Tim Buckley, it's certainly pleasant enough and the tracks Sandy Toes, If You Were My Man and Moons And Cat Tails are worth a listen.