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Synonyms for siesta

Synonyms for siesta

a brief sleep

to sleep for a brief period

Words related to siesta

a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)

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One of the main features of the afternoon is a sponsored cat nap when willing volunteers will be shut in an RSPCA cat pen along with its feline occupant.
by Kat Lay TIrEdI'm dog ThESE snoozing animals are clearly dog tired - or in desperate need of a cat nap.
But it looks like nineweek-old Harper is getting a little tired of her mum's constant retail therapy, enjoying a cat nap.
I CAN power nap, cat nap and, as all those who have ever lived with me for any period of time know, I'm also very good at tiger napping.
We also have pet rabbits and Lucky often pretends to be a bunny by disappearing into the hutch to have a cat nap.
In the Welsh Marathon in Bridgend on the hottest day of the year in the 1980s with the temperature around 80F, it was the sun that caused me to hit the wall, so I took a 10-minute cat nap against a lamppost, then got on with the job and finished the last three miles flying at faster than my normal pace.
Allegedly, the rock `n' roll legends liked nothing better than mulled wine, a dip in the Jacuzzi and a cat nap in front of the fire.
And Harry has never shown a glimmer of interest in the sedentary pursuit of watching the TV, preferring to pounce on his brother or find the most comfy lap and settle down for a cat nap.
LAUNCH Mary McAleese yesterday SKY'S THE LIMIT Monument hits heights FAWN TO BE WILD Baby deer lies in grass LAP UP ATTENTION Cute kittens get treat HAUNTING SCENE Ghost House hides HOUSE THATGate Lodge oozes charm TAKE A BOUGH Trees in sunset scene CAT NAP Crouching tiger is taking it easy FEATHER IN CAP Peacock shows plumage A-MAZE-ING Take trip up the garden path
But it looks like nine-week-old Harper is getting a little tired of her mum's constant retail therapy, enjoying a cat nap.
Komen for the Cure and launching the Cat Nap for the Cause campaign.
Other accessories, including scratchers, beds, perchers and apparel, will truly pamper cats, allowing them to relax and cat nap in style.
Give yours somewhere cosy for a cat nap in one of these cat igloos whatever your budget WE MAY be a nation of dog lovers but we are also crazy about kitties.
But one did occasionally have a cat nap during the news .