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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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Immortalised by the likes of screen icon Audrey Hepburn, a cat's eye lens is an instant short-cut to the full on retro glamour look that's heating up nicely as a major trend this season.
The lights can operate for up to 10 days with just four hours of charge and cost the same amount over the course of their life as traditional cat's eyes.
Explain that a cat's eyes are convex (rounded) rather than flat like a plane mirror.
The DRD ensured the stray cat's eyes were removed from the carriageways before night fall.
Some might claim the cat's eyes may be an undercover way for police to fine drivers.
The booze-free drinks menu will include Traffic Lights - grenadine, mint cordial and orange juice; Cat's Eyes - blackcurrant cordial, bitter lemon, tonic water, lime and crushed ice; and Blue Ribbon Specials - red grape juice, blackcurrant juice and lemonade.
Percy's company, Reecting Roadstuds Ltd, exported cat's eyes all over the world and Alan Whicker's interview took place over 40 years ago.
It seems they stopped working when Kirklees Council contracted a company n to "surface dress" the road and their work covered up many n of the cat's eyes.
One patrol officer said: "We wanted lights introduced on motorways which are unlit or only have cat's eyes.
CAT'S eyes that can clock your speed, read your number plate and check your TYRES have been fitted on a Scots motorway.
It's not too much to expect the jobs to be done right first time so it's disappointing that contractors are being sent back to one of our most widely used cycle routes - the A640 at Buckstones - to check on the safety and make sure the cat's eyes can be seen.
CAT'S eyes are being investigated amid claims they can trigger epileptic fits.
I wrote that Percy had invented those life-saving cat's eyes back in the 1930s after driving in fog on a high moorland road.
George Campbell, 22, of Cupar, Fife, had denied removing 48 cat's eyes.