Hypochaeris radicata

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European weed widely naturalized in North America having yellow flower heads and leaves resembling a cat's ears

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Your vet will be able to find out what is causing your cat's ear problem and recommend a suitable course of action.
From now through August, visitors can expect to see a profusion of blooms - scarlet gillia, cat's ear lilies, fairy bells, red columbine, tiger lilies and shooting stars, the tubular flowers of which attract butterflies and humming birds.
Your vet will make a diagnosis by looking in your cat's ear with a magnifying instrument called an otoscope and may inspect the debris from the ear under a microscope.
Transdermal medications must be dispensed in tiny, concentrated doses to the inside of a cat's ear flap or pinna.
If you look into your cat's ears you will probably see dark brown, waxy debris that may give off a foul odor.
You will need: | 'tail' and horns created in the same way as your cat's ears (obviously using red card What to do: Very similar to our |spooky cat this - dig out red clothing, tights for your 'tail' and horns created in the same way as your cat's ears (obviously using red card or felt pen rather than black) Cover your face in red lipstick | You could fashion a cape from old red |clothing too Get creative and try your hand at making a |devil's fork from an old broom stick and card.
I saw the beam illuminate the cat's ears, then the firefighter's hand as he reached for the stranded pet.
It is possible that all this sunshine we've had could have burned your cat's ears.
A cat's ears are particularly good at catching the high-pitched frequencies made by rodents.
com/PetplanUK QI HEARD that if a cat's ears are white, you need to put sun cream on them to stop them getting burnt and to help protect them against skin cancer.