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the relation between causes and effects

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Plebes transport a simulated casuality through an obstacle course on Farragut Field at the U.
There's also an element of casuality, but I have tried to get it into them that it is quite a serious ordeal and that if they get injured there is no recovery time.
In July 2005, APHA, the American Medical Association and CDC held a leadership summit in Chicago with about 20 health, medical and EMS organizations to discuss ways the fields could work together better, particularly during disasters and mass casuality events.
Expanding on this topic at the second annual Casuality Casual Games Conference in Seattle, Chris Houtzer, senior product manager, Games Division at RealNetworks, will be speaking at the "Commercials with Games" session.
And the latest casuality is Heather Mills and Paul McCartney who announced earlier this month that they were separating.
He has no training in compass work or advanced navigation, advanced first aid, casuality handling, rope work, or rescue radios and communications.
People are being urged to exhaust their own enquiries before contacting the casuality line.
New figures show that more than 70% of casuality patients wait more than four hours on a trolley to see a doctor - the highest in the North-West.
The first casuality : the abuse of women in military communities.
Chemunex could be viewed as a casuality of the stockmarkets' downturn.
Deformities in birds of the Great Lakes region - assigning casuality.
The author argues that thanks to its hierarchic order and its conception of analogy and casuality, Aquinas's thought avoids the contradictions and reductions of transcendentalism and nominalism.