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She said that a lot of them are cutting back on casual Friday because they're still having to see clients and what they are wearing during the week is casual enough.
But then I'm reminded of the story that the British themselves started the concept of casual Fridays in the 19th century when they wore tweed suits to the office on Fridays because they were leaving on the afternoon train for their country estates.
And fragrances are all right but they have to be very light - whether on a casual Friday or otherwise.
Whether it's the kids' soccer uniforms, a pair of jeans for casual Friday, or a few dress shirts, the GE Profile frontload steam washer finishes the laundry while you sleep.
Drawing from the casual Friday trend that has become popular in American business culture, ClearOne's “Dress Down Friday” program allows employees a weekly reprieve from its typical formal business dress code in the form of one dollar per employee, per week donation.
Silicon Valley's dressy attire would be casual Friday in most other parts of the country.
Here's hoping none of us turn into a Casual Friday Fool this summer.
Don't be intimidated by the office-space nutjob who sits next to you with all those crazy English soccer flags hanging from the walls of his cubical and makes it a point to wear his smelly Beckham jersey into work every casual Friday.
Prints and patterns are set for a comeback and there is a movement away from the Casual Friday mind-set.
We're extending the casual Friday concept to casual Monday through Friday all summer long - from the waist down," said Tim Brown, Richter7 partner and summer attire activist.
The semiformal dress of its employees and the white linen tablecloths and napkins allow diners to straddle the line between suit-and-tie dinning or casual Friday, out-fo-office feeding frenzies.
May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- This Casual Friday marked a fun way to show support for water safety by joining "Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day.
Poulsen said it was the Dockers craze and casual Friday that served as inspiration for the twill and denim sofas that have stormed the market for the past few years.
So, how did these pants for business travelers and Casual Friday fans come to be?
An entry devoted to Ultra- Casual Friday Wear offers big goofy slippers, nightshirts and robes for those who take ``casual Friday'' to the extreme.