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a form of communism developed in Cuba by Fidel Castro

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18) And this approach to Castroism was also undeniably related to the emerging FI position on guerrilla warfare and the struggle for socialism, about which Tate has much to say later in his memoirs.
25) Solo por nombrar algunas de las obras mas citadas de este periodo sobre las relaciones Cuba-URSS, veanse: Bruce Jackson, Castro, the Kremlin, and Communism in Latin America (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1969); Andres Suarez, Cuba: Castroism and Communism, 1959-1966 (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1969); Blanca Torres Ramirez, Las relaciones cubano-sovieticas, 1959-1968 (Mexico: El Colegio de Mexico, 1971).
The ideology of the JVP has been defined as not strictly Marxist-Leninist, but an electric mixture consisting of various elements of Stalinism, Maoism, Castroism, Guverism etc.
When reviewing the facts and perceptions of the period, it seems difficult to reduce the Chicago-Catolica training programs to a mere political tactic to combat Marxism and Castroism or even the University of Chicago's desire to experiment with neoclassical (or as its often referred to, neoliberal) economic ideas.
Teresita tracks the very different arcs of two Cuban women who must make their way in the United States the static threat of Castroism never far from their thoughts.
Castroism having proved a tourist magnet in recent years: 'We must go before it changes' is a familiar mantra.
Public discussion quickly turned to the question of succession, as many analysts said the "irrevocable" amendment was a sign of desperation and the imminent end of Castroism.
Red Sox management worked with the State Department and the Red Cross to, in the overwrought Cold War rhetoric of reporter Hy Hurwitz, "ransom the outfielder's broo d from the clutches of Castroism.
Castroism was merely Stalinism redux, with the same sleazy habits: forced confessions, the suicide of one's conscience, in the service of the state party and a police regime.
Rival ideologies such as Trotskyism, Maoism, and Castroism were only temporarily successful and remained limited in their appeal to fringe factions.