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The purpose of this study was to determine the repellent effect of the hydroethanolic extracts of the wild and Mirante variety of the castor oil plant on the agave weevil in the laboratory.
The relationship between the carotenoids and the values of the ClorofiLOG[R] index in castor oil plant leaves is shown in Figure 3.
It is made from the beans of the castor oil plant and is 6,000 times more poisonous than cyanide.
Beeswax, carnauba wax and castor oil plant wax are bound into perfectly round pearls that gently massage the skin, relieving it of dead skin and supporting circulation.
In Nigeria, apart from some parts of the middle belt notably Kogi State (where it is cultivated), castor oil plant grows in the wild and is treated as weed (Vwioko, D.
A few of the potentially harmful plants include all plants grown from bulbs, such as crocus, daffodils and lilies, castor oil plant, horse chestnut, laburnum, laurels, lupins, primroses, privet, rhododendron, wisteria.
Grindsted Soft-N-Safe plasticizer is made from acetic acid and castor oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant grown in India, Brazil, and China, and used as an ingredient in cosmetics and foods such as chocolate and margarine.
Last week a Sunday Mercury reporter purchased a castor oil plant, from which the terror toxin can be extracted, from a regional garden centre.
Spinners have also increased their efforts to develop fibres from sustainable sources--including wood chips, cornstarch, milk and the castor oil plant.
Ricin is produced from the beans of the castor oil plant, and just 70 micrograms - equivalent to the weight of a single grain of salt - can be enough to kill an adult.
The bio-based sebacic acid, which is used to produce UltramidA S Balance, originates from the castor oil plant.
It's also known as the false castor oil plant, has huge tropical-looking, hand-shaped deep green leaves and brings some architectural interest to shady spots in the garden.
The castor oil plant is a biological resource often regarded as the
However, the accepted list is a little shorter, including plants such as fatsia japonica, the False Castor Oil Plant, with its huge palmate evergreen leaves and its dome like outline.
Also known as the castor oil plant, this tropical-looking evergreen with its fantastic deep-green, leathery leaves looks great when other plants around it have faded.