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the Spanish language as spoken in Castile

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8) By way of example, Woolard, a native US English speaker who speaks both Catalan and Castilian as second languages, related the following anecdote in her 1989 book Double Talk: ".
When a passerby asks Mares/Faneca what he is doing, the latter responds in a concatenation of Catalan and Castilian, all the while extolling the idea of integration between the two languages and cultures.
We did things the right way at The Castilian and modernized the entire elevator system," said Ben Modleski, Vice President for Campus Acquisitions.
It also contributed to the decision of the embattled Juan II to marry his son Fernando to the Castilian princess Isabel in 1469; the resultant union of the Crown of Aragon to the much larger Castile only further diminished the status of a devastated Catalonia.
Banks and commercial enterprises, from time to time (when a promotion is launched), may issue details in German, French, English, Castilian as well as Mallorqui (rather similar I suppose to practices which could occur in parts of Wales ref.
HOUSTON -- Drawing from the vast archives of the Smithsonian Institution, Castilian Imports has unveiled a line of decorative accessories it hopes will become treasures in its own right.
After standing in for Tom Scudamore, who was delayed on his way from Southwell, to win on the David Pipe-trained The Castilian in the selling handicap hurdle, he went on to rattle up a hat-trick on Lord Ryeford in the novice handicap chase and Spirit Of New York in the 3m novice hurdle.
The building's strong, cylindrical geometry alludes to historic, heroic lberian forms, such as Roman circuses and Castilian fortifications.
If I wrote in Castilian Spanish nobody in South America would understand a word of it.
Aguirre later admitted: "I was stupid to use Castilian Spanish.
His theoretical goal is to historicize neoclassical arguments about the role of the individual as a historical agent and especially about the farmer in traditional agrarian Castilian society.
Some English people would make the effort to learn Castilian Spanish but refused to learn any of the local language, Valenciano, which is like Catalan (a mixture of Spanish and French).
No English writer before or since has surpassed Ford's description in the 1840s of the diversities of Spain's peoples, landscapes, and climates, but like Borrow and Washington Irving, his love of the picturesque and his romanticism helped to create an Anglo-Saxon image of Spain which reflected mainly Andalusian colour and Castilian dignity.
Now he has brought together two texts, one Catalan and one Castilian, of the version known as Version II, based respectively on a fifteenth-century manuscript and an incunabulum of 1491-4 (Version III is a later and in some ways less interesting case: a study of its Castilian witnesses is promised (pp.
As we pulled out of the Andorran service station for the drive back into Spain I settled back into the passenger seat to read the newspaper, El Periodico, I had just bought and realised to my dismay that it was in Catalan rather than the usual Castilian.