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the Spanish language as spoken in Castile

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As we shall see, such deactivation should resort both to discursive and material mechanisms of enforcement, which in Espana invertebrada coalesce around a particular ideal of Castilian post-imperial manhood.
Viscount Gaston VII had married into the powerful and influential Castilian Haro family, headed by Don Lope Diaz Haro, Sefior de Vizcaya (Lord of Biscay; d.
Alfonso is so obsessed with Raquel that she is able to blind him completely from his duties, and even more importantly, his identity as a true Castilian leader.
This is where Rodriguez-Velasco's research on Castilian regal power and its discourse is really exploited.
The potential repercussions of the extrinsic pressure of both standard Portuguese and Castilian must also be considered in terms of ideological iconization and erasure--the former involving standardization and hence achievement of symbolic status for particular linguistic traits which serve to distinguish Galician from Portuguese or Castilian, the latter implying intentional or incidental diminution of Galician forms or variants that do not correspond well with the Portuguese or Castilian standard by giving these no official recognition or censuring them outright.
Furthermore, she notes that this was especially true during the Franco dictatorship when "[a]gainst the historical backdrop of centralist policy, it was the very class position of the Castilian immigrants that led them to identify their interests with those of Catalan nationalists as lying in the devolution of the state" (140).
He was vassal to the king of Leon, but did become the first Castilian count whose authority exceeded the authority of his noble family's holdings.
Draayer has included a thorough Pronunciation Guide to Castilian Spanish, which contains five columns of information about each letter of the alphabet: IPA Symbol, Placement in Text, Spanish Example, IPA Transcription of the example, and a Pronunciation Example in English.
Castilian, based here, has introduced a 19-piece Smithsonian Collection line, Including vases, trays, decorative boxes, wall art and a garden bench inspired by objects, concepts and architectural details in and around Smithsonian's 18 museums and archives.
The Castilian was a maiden after 19 attempts over hurdles, and had the services of the champion for the first time, but is was guile rather than strength that won the day, for McCoy had him travelling sweetly throughout, and after coming through on the bridle going to the last, scored pushed out by four lengths.
On the broadest level, it is the first part of a projected trilogy, an extended meditation on the "nature of Castilian monarchical government between 1400 and 1700" (vii).
He argues that just as Filipinos in the late nineteenth century were becoming cognizant of the possibility of the nation--an outcome 'promised' by the use of Castilian as an effective lingua franca--they were also forced to confront the perils of its realisation.
The building's strong, cylindrical geometry alludes to historic, heroic lberian forms, such as Roman circuses and Castilian fortifications.
In eight densely written chapters, Owens traces the case through the Castilian court system.
The content will be available in Spanish, Castilian, Polish, Russian, French, German, Italian and Mandarin, and the e-learning will be deployed via SkillSoft's learning management system, SkillPort, and will be accessible to employees through the Internet, the company claims.