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the Spanish language as spoken in Castile

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As we shall see, such deactivation should resort both to discursive and material mechanisms of enforcement, which in Espana invertebrada coalesce around a particular ideal of Castilian post-imperial manhood.
Viscount Gaston VII had married into the powerful and influential Castilian Haro family, headed by Don Lope Diaz Haro, Sefior de Vizcaya (Lord of Biscay; d.
For example, the Castilian king Alfonso VIII in Raquel (first staged in 1778) overcomes his internal passions in a much different manner than the quintessentially Romantic noble Don Alvaro in Don Alvaro o la fuerza del sino (1835).
Throughout he demonstrates his sound background knowledge of historical documents and chronicles, and draws on a detailed understanding of how the Castilian monarchy, especially Alfonso XI, incorporated chivalry into political and juridical discourse and configured it as a means to translate theological hierarchy into law.
A matched guise study carried out by Echeverria in eleven secondary schools in Donostia (San Sebastian) in 2005 documented more positive attitudes toward the local vernacular Basque (region of Goierri) than toward Batua or standard Castilian, a tendency that held true even for those students who came from Castilian-speaking homes and were enrolled in schools where Castilian was the language of instruction.
When a passerby asks Mares/Faneca what he is doing, the latter responds in a concatenation of Catalan and Castilian, all the while extolling the idea of integration between the two languages and cultures.
He was vassal to the king of Leon, but did become the first Castilian count whose authority exceeded the authority of his noble family's holdings.
Draayer has included a thorough Pronunciation Guide to Castilian Spanish, which contains five columns of information about each letter of the alphabet: IPA Symbol, Placement in Text, Spanish Example, IPA Transcription of the example, and a Pronunciation Example in English.
Castilian, based here, has introduced a 19-piece Smithsonian Collection line, Including vases, trays, decorative boxes, wall art and a garden bench inspired by objects, concepts and architectural details in and around Smithsonian's 18 museums and archives.
After standing in for Tom Scudamore, who was delayed on his way from Southwell, to win on the David Pipe-trained The Castilian in the selling handicap hurdle, he went on to rattle up a hat-trick on Lord Ryeford in the novice handicap chase and Spirit Of New York in the 3m novice hurdle.
By My Absolute Royal Authority": Justice and the Castilian Commonwealth at the Beginning of the First Global Age.
He argues that just as Filipinos in the late nineteenth century were becoming cognizant of the possibility of the nation--an outcome 'promised' by the use of Castilian as an effective lingua franca--they were also forced to confront the perils of its realisation.
The building's strong, cylindrical geometry alludes to historic, heroic lberian forms, such as Roman circuses and Castilian fortifications.
In eight densely written chapters, Owens traces the case through the Castilian court system.
The content will be available in Spanish, Castilian, Polish, Russian, French, German, Italian and Mandarin, and the e-learning will be deployed via SkillSoft's learning management system, SkillPort, and will be accessible to employees through the Internet, the company claims.