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In Jerome's highly castigatory remarks (which ironically fail to acknowledge that his condition is the ramification of his own doing, i.
If we're defending the principle that human life should not be touched, it should not be done in a punitive, castigatory or burn-in-hell way," said Italian senator and Opus Dei member Paola Binetti.
Sadly, no matter how much progress is made in cleaning up the air, there are those who not only fail to acknowledge it, but now demand certain vehicle owners to wear a millstone around their necks in the form of a castigatory tax.
In the Calvinistic framework of the poem his voice, unlike that of Whitman, is castigatory and devoid of compassion.
This is not to say that such a role was necessarily critical or castigatory, as it was traditionally meant to be, and as it would become during the civil war and interregnum.