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social status or position conferred by a system based on class

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(Hinduism) a hereditary social class among Hindus

a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth

in some social insects (such as ants) a physically distinct individual or group of individuals specialized to perform certain functions in the colony

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Laetitia Casta gave a speech at the launch, alongside fashion philanthropist Nick Ede and CEO of Remy Cointreau, Valerie Chapoulaud-Floquet.
By focusing on the economic and social circumstances that impacted how casta and its related categories were utilized by Africans and Andeans, O'Toole employs an archival methodology that "demonstrates that the elements that constituted race depended on the composition of the local populations, the opportunities available in the local economy, and the possibilities for exchange among laborers" (167).
It linked the "chino" casta with an animal, just as did Mulatto (Mule), Coyote, Lobo (wolf), and Cimarron (wild horse), among others.
Imagining Identity in New Spain: Race, Lineage, and the Colonial Body in Portraiture and Casta Paintings, by Magali M.
First-grade teacher Casta Duran said, "The attention here is much more personalized.
Although I found myself wondering about the successful transformation of some of the vocal works in this collection, such as Casta Diva by Bellini, I was pleasantly surprised at how satisfyingly pianistic these sections actually were.
Laudate sie, Signore mio, per sor' Aqua la quella e molt' utile e umile e prezios' e casta.
But Jaeger's most interesting explanation is that our Freud-dictated presupposition that all affective relations are expressible in terms of binary sexuality is not appropriate to the period of Paulinus' casta voluptas or civic and public friendship.
For example, an interview with the CFO of Grupo Casta discusses how ABC made a difference.
The Barefoot Countess, Casta Diva, Tingo- I-Don't-Get-It, Sebastian, Scheherazade, Professor Kingston, and others often play roles consistent with what their names would suggest, but sometimes they lead us down blind alleys toward unexpected conclusions.
As he states in Contra poetas impudice scribentes carmen, "Vita decet sacros et pagina casta poetas:/castus enim vatum spiritus atque sacer.
Through swimming, he met Vicki Keith, who set 14 world records for distance swimming and swam Lake Ontario five times, and Carlos Casta, a doubleleg amputee who swam Lake Ontario.
Matched with a unique source of iconography (the Casta paintings ), the achieved research will produce the first illustrated glossary on Textiles and Garments whose were consumed on a global scale in the preindustrial time.
CTi was founded by Alfredo Casta in 1998 with the mission "to help our clients succeed by fully understanding their mission and challenges, and applying technology, experience, and knowledge to deliver results.
The Harlette Luxury Lingerie collection has been worn by models Lara Stone and Laetitia Casta and was selected by Billie Piper to wear in the fourth and final series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.