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Apart from the cast list, specific scenes and plots are reset by Potter fans.
TV's Bear Grylls: Mission Survive having a 6Despite cast list which was more Mission Identify, I really liked this new hardcore version of I'm A Celebrity.
DESPITE a cast list which was more Mission Identify, I really liked this new hardcore version of I'm A Celebrity.
With his big name in the cast list, along with other of Syria's hottest stars, the show is sure to lure an audience into watching.
The former Neighbours legend, pop star and now musical theatre stalwart will play Frank Butler and will be joined on the cast list by Emma Williams as Annie Oakley and Norman Pace as Buffalo Bill.
ANNIE POWER'S name has been added to an already star-studded cast list at Doncaster on Saturday, raising hopes she may be on course for the Stan James Champion Hurdle in March rather than the Ladbrokes World Hurdle.
Bardem is not the only potential villain on the cast list, with more rumours linking Rachel Weisz, who is reported to be dating Bond actor Daniel Craig, to a part in the new film as well.
The cast list is already being assembled for a match McAteer describes as "more of a spectacle and a bit of theatre really.
Scenes of a Sexual Nature, which was was made for only pounds 260,000, boasts a star cast list that includes Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo and Catherine Tate.
The cast list is a veritable who's who of Estevez's friends, family members, former co-stars, and even a onetime girlfriend and her husband.
Few would have suspected it was the culmination of a year-long struggle to return from an injury that required the total reconstruction of his ankle, nor that Martin himself, whose name was not on the initial cast list because of his injury, felt anxiety about his ability to perform it.
The cast list for the six-part series also includes Sean Pertwee and David Threlfall, who starred as Frank Gallagher in the Channel Four series, Shameless.
The cast list of characters that feature here includes Margaret Thatcher, Bob Hope, The Clintons, Steven Spielberg, Candoleeza Rice, Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw and of course Catherine Meyer, whose role as ambassador's wife was often just as demanding.
Develop an IRS partnership: The CID provided fabricated composites of cases that resemble common elements of real crimes (without tax payer confidentiality concerns) including a cast list, supporting documents and a CID facilitator for each group.
The enclosed booklet is particularly slight and includes only a cast list and a brief synopsis for each opera.