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German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)

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A despeito da diversidade dos sistemas religiosos, de suas praticas e leis aparentemente nao conciliaveis Cassirer [1944] aponta para a unidade interna do pensamento religioso e a forma especifica do sentimento religioso.
Following Cassirer, these emotionally seductive images can be considered present-day, profane variants of so-called "mythical thought," the most ancient and irrational form of thought that occupied center stage in "primitive" societies, and persists today as an elementary layer of consciousness.
Para Cassirer, toda e qualquer relacao do ser humano com o mundo se da por meio de "formas simbolicas", expressao que este autor define mais precisamente como
Ernst Cassirer identified the separation of ego from being in explaining the spiritual depth and power of language when he wrote, "The 'is' of the copula almost unfailingly goes back to a sensuously concrete original meaning; instead of conveying mere existence or a general state of being, it originally denoted a particular kind and form of appearance; especially being in a certain place, at a specific point in space.
Pero, como Cassirer explico tan bien, lo que Baumgarten busca no es un conocimiento confuso y oscuro, sino un conocimiento de lo oscuro, de lo confuso.
Let us first see how Cassirer distinguishes between animals and human beings.
La reflexion filosofica de autores tan relevantes como Ernst Cassirer y Martin Heidegger se ha enfocado en reinterpretar los textos kantianos de tal manera que la discursividad sea superada.
Cassirer first unsuccessfully petitioned the Spanish Minister for Education, Culture and Sports, the Chair of the Foundation's Board, to return the painting.
Translated into English, this Princeton University Press book, with a new afterward by the author, takes its place with Cassirer, Venturi, and Gay "for the Enlightenment.
Among the chapters comprising this unique study are: "Frenzy" applying Plato and mystery religion to the Rolling Stones; "An Everlasting Kiss: The Seduction of Wendy" applying Vico to Bruce Springsteen; "Warm Impermanence" applying Danto and Andy Warhol to David Bowie; "Magic Pages and Mythic Plants" applying Cassirer to Led Zeppelin; "A Touch of Grey: Gratefully Dead?
Como figura opositora a estas ideas, se puede hablar de propuestas como la de Ernst Cassirer y su Filosofia de las formas simbolicas, donde construye una filosofia del mito argumentando que esta forma es un medio de expresion valida para la critica de la cultura.
11 est possible d'interpreter son Luvre comme un prolongement du programme d'une theorie de la culture definie par Ernst Cassirer et Aby Warburg comme anthropologie de l'homme en mouvement, en le nourrissant de nouveaux terrains ethnologiques et de nouvelles avancees en biologie.
The Legacy of Liberal Judaism: Ernst Cassirer and Hannah Arendt's Hidden Conversation by Ned Curthoys.
In Hunter's narrative, the Davos disputation between Heidegger and Cassirer in the Swiss Alps in 1929 marked the translation of German university post-Kantian metaphysics into a language of self-transformative transcendentalist scholarly personae, which then became exportable beyond the rather arcane local context in which they were generated, and later translated further into the forms of literary and hermeneutic critique in the deconstructionist version of Heideggerian metaphysics espoused by Derrida in his John Hopkins University address of 1966.