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German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)


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With IBMs POWER8-based servers, we can increase our levels of service to clients seeking a dedicated cloud platform alternative to x86 servers, said Sebastien Cassier, Team Leader, Online.
The Canadian native came to the Staatsoper Berlin at the start of the season for the third instalment of a co-production with La Scala staged by Guy Cassiers and Enrico Bagnoli (seen Oct.
The other team members are Raphael Cassiers, Benoit Christiaens, Gunter Cieters, Emmanuel Hanssens, Miguel Peeters and Rudi Verbist.
Copies of the letter to Ambassador Cassiers and the handbill distributed at the shareholder meeting are available by calling C.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Foreign Minister Taieb Baccouche received, on Monday, a delegation of 30 members from the European Union (EU) Council Maghreb and Mashreq (MaMa) Group led by Jerome Cassiers, president of the group.