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United States architect who influenced the development of the skyscraper (1859-1934)


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The Woolworth Building, at 233 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City, designed by architect Cass Gilbert and completed in 1913, is an early US skyscraper.
Two of his carvings, large gargoyle figures, grace the new wing of The Jewish Museum, a landmark building in New York designed by Cass Gilbert.
Architecturally designed by Cass Gilbert, this impressive building took nine years to build from groundbreaking to dedication.
Completed in 1931 to designs of Cass Gilbert and Swiss civil engineer Othar H.
Cass Gilbert practiced architecture in New York from 1899 to 1934, the year of his death.
A perennial New York type, Cass Gilbert belongs to a long line of ambitious out-of-towners.
2) In 1907, he helped to initiate in New Haven what would become known nationally as the "City Beautiful" movement, and his efforts led to the commission of Cass Gilbert, a well-known New York-based architect, and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.
Architect Cass Gilbert designed the structure, which was constructed between 1902 and 1907.
The book tells about the architect, Cass Gilbert, and his vision for the building.
There are biographies of every justice who ever sat on the Supreme Court (with pictures of each) as well as entries on rejected nominees and prominent judges (such as Learned Hand), on presidents who had an important impact on - or conflict with - the Court (including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt), and on other influential figures (from Alexander Hamilton to Cass Gilbert, the architect of the Supreme Court Building).
When a talented designer like Kevin Roche felt compelled to replicate the work of nineteenth-century architect Cass Gilbert for his addition to New York's Jewish Museum, it was indeed time to wonder about the aesthetics of our age.
You might see the first illustrated edition of Vitruvisus' De architectura (1511), sketches by Palladio, works by generations of Americans from Cass Gilbert to Mark Mack.
Cass Gilbert had already received critical acclaim for design of the U.
A young Cass Gilbert worked for Radcliff as a draftsman in 176, according to the Cass Gilbert Society.