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a large saltwater lake between Iran and Russia fed by the Volga River

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Reportedly, the representatives came to a close view on the regime and the Caspian Sea littoral states will sign an agreement on the regime in near future.
Topaz Marine chief operating officer, Roy Donaldson said: "The 'Caspian Protector' is the result of a collaborative process between Topaz and BP to jointly develop the technical specifications of a vessel that's uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of the operating realities of the Caspian Sea.
Send it with your name, address, and daytime phone number on a postcard to The People's Prince Caspian Competition, The People, PO Box 4013, London, E14 5BE.
The globalization of the Carter Doctrine began in the mid-1990s, when the Clinton Administration determined that the Caspian Sea basin--until 1992 under the effective control of the Soviet Union--could become a major source of oil for the United States and its allies, thereby helping to lessen U.
Legal issues on the Caspian Sea's resources revolve around whether development rights are governed by treaties signed between the former Soviet Union and Iran (which did not establish seabed boundaries or discuss oil and gas exploration), and whether the Caspian is a body of water affected by the Law of the Seas (inland lakes are not covered by this law).
With independence, Kazakhstan suddenly had a huge country with long borders, including a maritime border on the Caspian Sea, but a population of less than seventeen million from which to form a new security infrastructure.
Our customers are among the largest global data service providers," said Todd Acree, EMS product manager at Caspian Networks.
Chapter 1 by Bulent Gokay traces the history of Caspian Basin oil, beginning with that of Baku 2,500 years ago.
Although the future impact of Caspian energy is yet to be determined, this volume offers valuable insight and comprehensive analysis on the major determinants affecting this strategically significant oil-rich region.
According to the Energy Information Service, the six-nation Caspian Sea region harbors vast natural gas reserves and at least 100 billion barrels of oil, 10 times that of Alaska and second in supply only to the Middle East.
com/research/3c9526/legal_and_logistic) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new company profile "Legal and Logistical Hurdles Curtailing Oil and Gas Industry Growth in the Caspian Region" to their offering.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined the necessity for cooperation among the regional countries to provide security in the Caspian Sea without foreign meddling.
Ashgabat, 29 September 2014 (nCa) -- The foreign ministers of the Caspian littoral states met in Astrakhan on Sunday (28 Sep) to fine-tune their positions ahead of the fourth heads-of-state summit that is taking place today.
A political statement by the heads of five Caspian Sea littoral states on the Caspian Sea status will be adopted at the 4th Caspian Summit on September 29 in Russia's southern city of Astrakhan, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said on Friday.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif arrived here in Russian capital city Monday night at the top of a delegation to attend the Moscow Caspian Sea Littoral States Foreign Ministers Conference, IRNA reported.