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any of a group of proteases that mediate apoptosis

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In addition, there is increasing recognition that caspases have numerous functions in addition to their roles as mediators of programmed cell death.
Plasma caspase activation was detected using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for cytokeratin-18 fragments, which are a byproduct of caspase activation.
The role of caspases in EAE was further supported by studies of mice that were deficient in the expression of caspase 11 [33].
Caspases are key enzymes that modulate and carry out the cellular signaling pathways involved in programmed cell death, also known as failure due to cell death.
His team created probes by affixing fluorescent "tags" to small molecules that were engineered to bind--and stay bound--almost exclusively to caspases, and only when the caspases are in an active state.
has built a leading technology platform in controlling caspase activity and we
Idun has built a leading technology platform in controlling caspase activity and we see potential broad application of this technology in treating liver damage associated with viral and non-viral diseases plus other areas of significant unmet medical need.
2+] exposure caused cell death, ROS generation, MMP loss, cyt c release, activation of caspases, ERK activation, apoptosis, and finally auditory threshold shift.
When XIAP is left holding NO, the result is a double whammy for brain cells, since cells are programmed to self-destruct when either XIAP has NO attached to it or when caspases don't.
Conclusion: The current study strongly reveals that rosamultic acid inhibits gastric cancer proliferation by inducing apoptosis mediated through cell cycle arrest, downregulation of cell cycle related protein expressions, inhibition of cell migration, DNA damage, and activation of caspases.
Apoptosis-mediated enhancement of DNA-raised immune responses by mutant caspases.
In a prospective study of 59 randomly selected patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, a high degree of inflammatory liver injury on liver biopsy was associated with greater levels of the products that result from the cleavage of cytokeratin-18 (CK-18, a major intermediate filament protein in liver cells) by caspases during apoptosis (Hepatology 2004;40:1078-87).
Seemingly aware of the danger they themselves pose, these abnormal cells often try to commit suicide by activating destructive enzymes called caspases.
The research program is concentrating on caspases 3,6, and 7, the so-called "executioner caspases".
Caspases are cellular proteases involved in processes such as apoptosis (cell death) and inflammation.