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the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a give period of time (not including non-cash expenses)

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Announcing this today, CDL said the Profit Participating Security (PPS), as the investment instrument is called, will see the investors receive a fixed payout based on 5% interest per annum for a period of five years, in addition to a participation in the cashflows over the period that they hold the PPS.
Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England invited CashFlows to a private meeting to discuss their key concerns about the financial situation facing the UK's small businesses, outlined in an open letter backed by 15 signatories from small business owners and trade associations to small business journalists and industry commentators.
The CashFlows Account, offered in association with Shawbrook Bank, will consolidate existing business banking services, simplify financial processes and reconciliations, and reward customers with higher interest and lower fees.
CashFlows is a principal issuing and acquirer member of Visa and MasterCard but also offers a full programme manager package too, establishing relationships with processors, banks, payments networks and distributors on their customers' behalf.
What she's created is a fine, extensively footnoted primer on the importance of actual cashflow and its calculation, using effective charts, diagrams and sample financial statements.
In certain situations, charitable giving can actually increase cashflow during life.
Large swings in cashflow can lead to liquidity crises when cashflows decrease unexpectedly.
Firms with smoother cashflows can gain competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.
Intuitive techniques rely not on detailed analysis of the uncertainties surrounding cashflows but rather on simple rules of thumb or heuristics[2].
The alternative business account and payment provider, CashFlows, and Clear Books, the cloud accounting firm, have released the first 100% combined cloud based accountancy and online business banking service for small and medium enterprises.
The full results show that, while the growing commoditization of issuer reporting, collateral performance and loan level data has benefited the modeling of cashflows, it is not enough to lighten the burden investors carry when building and managing cashflow and waterfall models.
Thus, in providing clients with a cost-segregation study, tax advisers can help them to reduce their taxable income with accelerated depreciation, which results in increased after-tax cashflows.