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the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a give period of time (not including non-cash expenses)

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We arrogantly determined that discounted cash flow didn't make any sense in valuing a company in this new world.
Such portfolio models facilitate a variety of analyses, including projection of aggregate expected cash flows, calculation of a portfolio value, reserve development and analysis of reinsurance arrangements.
The decrease in cash flow and investment return may result in disgruntled investors.
At the second stage, the determination of net future cash flows calls for an estimate of the future cash inflows and outflows--undiscounted.
A more powerful approach is to link cash flows to operating variables, which allows us to calculate stock valuations directly from an operating executive's point of view.
As diagram B shows, the best explanation is the present value mechanism based on the time value theory of money concept from economics, which asserts that cash flows are more valuable when they occur more quickly, are larger and are more certain.
Dividends and other cash flows (after withholding and other transfer taxes) from the operating companies to the holding company should exceed US$450 million annually over the next several years.
Life insurance cash flows have many qualities that make them ripe for packaging into marketable securities.
While Fitch believes healthy cash flows are achievable once the price-ceilings roll off, the $400 million range may not be feasible until the 2008-2009 timeframe at best.
95, Statement of Cash Flows, in November 1987, describes the primary purpose of the cash flow statement as providing relevant information about an enterprise's cash receipts and payments during a particular period.
Thus, the amount of excess spread available for paying principal and interest to the NIMs is a function of Fitch's modeling assumptions, derivative cash flows, and other structural features.
19, Reporting Changes in Financial Position, and requires a statement of cash flows as part of a full set of financial statements for all business enterprises in place of the statement of changes in financial position.
95, Statement of Cash Flows, specifies what cash flow information companies must report and reduces diversity in reporting.