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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Itautec technology supports the world's 10th largest bank (Itau-Unibanco), our ATMs, cash dispensers and kiosks are deployed on six continents, and now we're bringing this expertise to the U.
They added two of the 10 cash dispensers there had been tampered with and 19.
The card will enable them to withdraw up to pounds 250 a day through the 30,000-strong Link cash dispenser network.
They use the same type of approach each time and always ensure that the unlucky punter visits a cash dispenser on the way," he added.
Regulators who wish to understand how the deployment of ATMs and cash dispensers will evolve, especially in the pricing of cash related services to consumers.
HSBC customers were unable to withdraw money at many of the bank's cash dispensers or carry out transactions on its website.
A BANK'S customers are being "protected" from aggressive beggars by zones painted around its cash dispensers.
It's banking world meets theater-in-the-round, with each teller situated in a circle bordered by work stations equipped with flat-screen monitors and automated cash dispensers.
and Nippon Trust Bank said Tuesday they will temporarily halt operations of their automated teller machines and cash dispensers late next month to complete groundwork for their Oct.
The sort of partner you take out for long, expensive lunches) "We have thousands of cash dispensers all over the country"
Big-spending punters are using cash dispensers more than ever.
At CeBIT 2009, OKI will promote its cash recycling ATM to financial institutions in Europe and other areas, where cash dispensers are the mainstream, and enable those institutions to improve their business efficiency and level of service.
Compact cash dispensers, Agilis(R) software facilitate fast, reliable transactions
Russ said: "The false fronts on the cash dispensers look genuine and can be difficult to spot.
A GANG is targeting cash dispensers in south Warwickshire shops.