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being one hundred more than two hundred

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Alipour (2011) after analyzing data for Iranian firms asserts that cash conversion cycle is the most important efficiency measure for working capital.
The results signified that firm's manager can earn a profit for business by managing cash conversion cycle efficiently.
AP]) is known as the Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) (Richards & Laughlin, 1983) and stands for the length of time for the investment made by the company investors (i.
Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC): CCC measures the length of time between when a firm buys a product from a supplier and the collection of payments from customers for that product.
Under this solution, the treasurer has extended the DPO, reduced the cash conversion cycle and improved free cash flow while maintaining good relations with the supplier.
Therefore, this study aims to examine the relationship between the cash conversion cycle and economic value added in Tehran Stock Exchange.
The cash conversion cycle is a result of time taken by the firm for their collection from receivables and time required to convert raw material into finished goods after subtracting the time taken by the firm to pay its current obligation (Deloof, 2003; Lazaridis & Tryfonidis, 2006).
The analysis of different variables has taken including average collection period, inventory turnover in days, average payment period, cash conversion cycle, quick ratio and current ratio.
Keywords: Working Capital Management, Accounts receivable and payable, Inventory, Cash Conversion Cycle
Our working capital was also significantly improved as we continue to focus on reducing receivables days and improving our cash conversion cycle to maintain liquidity and to deliver on our backlog," Tabari added.
Adding the cash conversion cycle (CCC) to those traditional measures leads to a more thorough analysis of a company's liquidity position.
The measure of working capital management includes the Cash Conversion Cycle and its components.
There was a significant negative relationship between the cash conversion cycle of a firm and its profitability.
In October, Motley Fool followed up and challenged Deltic's cash conversion cycle, or how quickly a company turns cash outflows into cash inflows, and compared it with companies like International Paper and Temple-Inland, which are substantially larger firms.