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United States country music singer and songwriter (1932-2003)

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Meanwhile, to raise cash, John has been desperately selling off jewellery to business associates - at much less than he paid for it.
The personal integrity and sincerity of Labour MPs such as Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Austin Mitchell and Tories such as Bill Cash, John Redwood and Gerald Howarth is not in question.
If Andy Murray (33-1 VCbet) fails to shake off his injury woes, the only Brits left after the first week will be in the commentary box; there will be incessant rain delays; Sue Barker will flirt with Jimmy Connors, Pat Cash, John McEnroe or any past tennis great, although possibly not Martina Navratilova; commentators will use the phrase 'too good' just a few too many times when Roger Federer is playing; and then the two finals will be played out by the same players as last year.
3) An unexpected heat wave made for sweaty sets by Robert Randolph, Roseanne Cash, John McCusker and Phil Cunningham, and the Waifs.
The man accused of printing the cash, John McGregor, 43, from Sighthill, Glasgow, got five years.
Apart from the cash, John also wins the bonus prize of a trip to the Stakis Casinos Scottish National next month with a pounds 100 betting voucher.
For those with lots of spare cash, John Byrne & Son, of 10, Bold Street, stocked diamonds, fine jewels, watches, clocks and antiques.
The only son of music legends Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, John Carter Cash shares a lyrical story based on the intimate words his mother shared with him as a child in Momma Loves Her Little Son, to be published in March 2009.