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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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The casette went missing after the Queen Mother's death in 2002.
ships were held in Casette di Massa, Italy into Twitter Matthew Roberts of Eryri Meanwhile, Matthew Roberts of Eryri Harriers aturday's Penmaenmawr Fell Race, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary.
In "Black Cat," Art supplemented his makeup and pimp suit with a final accessory: a portable casette player pumping out selections of Miles Davis's music.
A few representative cases during the year 2006, 2007 and 2008 were subjected to Rapid test, PAN BIO DUO CASETTE (Australia) in which IgG and IgM can both be detected.
I villeggianti che popolano il borgo durante i mesi estivi non parevano sapere niente di tutto cio, rinchiusi nelle loro casette rimesse a nuovo.
2] Author of Casette Soundless Sleep for Snorers (vocal excercises.
Dove, dopo l'aversi preso il giorno fra quelle acque tutti quei maggiori piaceri che desiderar si possono, nelle dette casette, o vogliam dire cappanne, si riducono a mangiare, a dormire, a ragionare e a prendere di molti altri piaceri che prender si sogliono etc.
At the first note from the casette player, the dancers begin moving in a series of arcs, weaving in and out of lines that form only to dissolve again.
Other winners were Kystina Thompson, Shetland: Walkman casette player; Caroline Daly, Glasgow: camera; Connal Ritchie, Sutherland: pounds 50 Boot's voucher; Elizabeth Jermond, Kilwinning: pounds 50 Boot's voucher; Lisa Smith, Shetland: Harry Potter game and Rory Matheson, Inverness: watch.
Although Demonology has its pieces that are experimental in form ("Wilkie Ridgeway Fahnstock, The Boxed Set," for example, which consists of liner notes to the soundtrack, on casette, of one man's life), these seem less interesting and more showy.
PROFESSIONAL MID-LEVEL Preproduction capability Tascam 302 Dual for songwriting and Dubbing Casette demos.
The ViviCam 2500 has 2 MB of internal memory, enough to hold 64 images that users can transfer to a personal computer, television or digital casette recorder.
Electrolux launched its Cyclone Casette, a feature on its Power System upright that allows the user to choose between a disposable paper dustbag or removable cup for storing debris that the vac removes during cleaning.
A casette, containing the machine's four 6 volt battery cells, powers the machine for up to four hour without recharging, after which a fresh power pack can be fitted in less than a couple of minutes.