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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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67) Gradually, the caselaw is exposing and beginning to confront these generally fallacious ideas.
Harlow overruled the prior caselaw to require the courts to apply an objective standard.
Other profitability measures proposed in academic literature or caselaw are similarly defective.
The German caselaw on school prayer, he argues, better accommodates both the right of religious majorities to engage in "public collective" acts of worship, through prayer in the public schools (so long as children who do not wish to pray are not forced to pray), while the German decision banning the display of crucifixes in public classrooms was a proportionate response to the greater intrusion on those of other sects on the all-day presence of such a religious symbol (pp.
Based on the obvious patterns of SEQRA decisions in the caselaw, limited judicial review has circumscribed citizen enforceability of SEQRA to its procedural component, (159) rendering it similar in that regard to NEPA.
In the case of private trusts complying with the rule against perpetuity, the beneficiary principle, and the three certainties, freedom of trust, like freedom of contract, is a sacred principle so that the judiciary should not make the trust or a provision thereof void unless there is a clear public policy justification indicated by Parliament(202) or by earlier caselaw not based on obsolete social attitudes.
The caselaw has never supported a jurisdictional reading of the AIA, thus Congress could not have affirmed such a reading.
The appeals court held that the statute that provided for an exemption of veteran's benefits against the claims of creditors precluded officials from placing holds on the inmate's accounts, but that the officials were entitled to qualified immunity from liability because prior caselaw had not clearly established this exemption.
Besides the publication of E-Commerce & Technology, a monthly newsletter launched earlier this year to cover caselaw developments in intellectual property and e-commerce law, Hayes Law Reports (Wilmington, DE) also produces two monthly litigation reports, including Hayes Law Reports: Motor Vehicle Product Liability and Hayes Law Reports: Pharmaceuticals.
Accordingly, Justice Scalia adamantly refused to extend any constitutional rights to parents beyond what was already been established in caselaw.
For all his time spent on pure political philosophy, Dworkin is still a brilliant lawyer, and his discussion of relevant First Amendment caselaw is dazzling.
is the world's largest provider of searchable caselaw that is available exclusively on the Internet.
The equitable rules that governed tax suits prior to the AIA and the caselaw that applied those same rules to suits after the ALA's enactment reveal a consistent set of circumstances in which strict compliance with the AIA is not required.
28) Relying on Missouri caselaw principles of finality in matters affecting property division, the court declared that "the trial court's marital property distribution contained in its dissolution decree became final.
There have been two noteworthy criticisms of the doctrine in contemporary reported federal caselaw.