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Synonyms for casebook

a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work

according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook


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This casebook provides what many college and university professors have sought for a long time, a relatively inexpensive paperback collection of high quality research materials that can serve as a companion to Ellison's Invisible Man in undergraduate and graduate courses.
To achieve his aim Nance works back and forth between Mayerne's casebooks and several key theoretical works of his time, including Mayerne's own publications on medical practice and those of other influential medical practitioners.
Law professors are used to teaching from casebooks dedicated to Supreme Court decisions and academic commentary.
The casebooks that were used at Ole Miss, where Myres McDougal first studied property, reflected these basic ideas.
Most of the alleged teenaged thieves seem to have reformed, and recurring names are extremely rare in this penitentiary's casebooks.
Third party presenters of Decision Casebooks can often regain credibility during subsequent rounds of negotiations.
For many specialties, highly focused casebooks supplement these services.
Finding the nature of recent casebooks on US contract law that aim to integrate highly edited cases, fragments of law reviews, excerpts from the Uniform Commercial Code, and note material to be problematic for teaching, Barnett (Georgetown U.
The acquired company offers multiple product lines targeted to law students, including "Legal Briefs," a product that provides summaries of the cases used in law school casebooks.
The "Legal Briefs" series includes 150 titles covering all major casebooks used in U.
The book, as casebooks do, reflected the scholarly interests of its editors.
These integrated services will provide law faculty with the FolioVIEWS(R) infobase software platform to transform course materials into electronic casebooks and equip students with the electronic information tools to quickly locate relevant sources, organize and incorporate the text into course work and share their findings with others.
The first seven chapters treat the traditional 'private' or common law of property; there is more material on jurisprudence than in other property casebooks.
Wolters Kluwer said the purchase adds to Aspen's presence in the legal education market where it currently sells casebooks, study aids and related materials for students and professors.