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A longer and more formal case statement for major gifts may need to be vetted by the development office and by the director's superior.
Why doesn't he appear in your defence case statement Mr Whitty?
Mayors had the opportunity to gain feedback on their case statements from top experts representing the Department of Education, the City of Chicago, PASA, Mathematica Policy Research, The After-School Corporation (TASC), Princeton University and the Erikson Institute.
In the written case statement, personalized for a particular prospect, directors should name the endowment for the prospect so that he or she can envision the end result--say, the Vincent Intaglio Honors scholarship in Art.
Normally a defence case statement is handed in as a substitute for an interview.
The case statement explains why a potential contributor should give to the cause.
Using M language to describe complex branching and case statement functionality, design engineers can now choose the most concise form of expressing their algorithms.
Tweed also denied he changed his version of events since making his defence case statement last month in a bid to help Davis.
During the Mayors' Institute, each participating mayor presented a carefully prepared case statement describing a specific local problem or challenge.
Case Statement A carefully crafted written argument for giving for a specific purpose, usually custom-designed for a specific prospective donor or group of donors.
Leading Watertown, MA-based Design Firm Creates Organization's 20th Anniversary Campaign Case Statement -
The tactics vary from a virtual video tour of a historic architectural landmark being converted to a popular children's museum to a creative case statement that uses metaphoric images to convey the potential impact of stem cell research for a biomedical research institution.
A case statement that calls each and every member to ethical behavior.
When she was told a defence case statement had not yet been served on behalf of Boyer, Mrs Justice Dame Julia Macur said: "That is not acceptable.
Also, the personal nature of the telephone can best reinforce the message of the organization's case statement in a way that reinforces, not replaces, the mail piece.