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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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Everything in the HBX Live Studio was designed to recreate the magic of the Harvard Business School case method classroom," said Professor Youngme Moon, the School's Senior Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation.
The case method should be seen as one of many options, and in practice the same classroom activity might possess characteristics of different methods.
The invention of the case method is usually attributed to Christopher Columbus Langdell, who introduced it at Harvard Law School shortly after the end of the American Civil War.
This same dynamic of basing cases on real experiences is also at work in the articles that appear in the Journal of Teacher Education (1991) special theme issue on the case method of teaching (see Barnett, 1991; Kagan & Tippins, 1991; Merseth, 1991; and J.
While the Socratic (or Protagoran) tradition may have inspired the case method, it cannot be said that Confucius inspired the alternatives.
This course, I argue, would enhance the student's ability to better develop the analytical skill being imparted by the case method by alleviating the moral tension ordinarily experienced in curriculum lacking an introductory exposure to legal philosophy.
The academic curriculum relies heavily upon the case method pioneered at Harvard.
The increasing use of case method in teaching and research ushered in a paradigm shift in pedagogical approach in recent years.
We utilized a common six-step model in designing the case method that asked candidates to: (1) identify the educational issues involved; (2) think about the case from multiple points of view (e.
Keywords Narrative Analysis * MBA Cases * Learning * Management Education" Business Schools * Case Method
As most of us know, Harvard Business School devised case method of teaching in mid 1930s for their postgraduate courses.
He takes a step toward this in the final chapter by providing a helpful outline of the various views or approaches: the classical, establishing the existence of God by means of natural theology and then demonstrating Christianity's validity as the highest version of theism; the evidential, relying on external evidences, particularly the miracles of Jesus and his resurrection; the cumulative case method, assembling all the arguments for the Christian claim; a presuppositional apologetics, a particularly Protestant approach that proceeds from an assumption of the Bible's truth; and a Reformed epistemological approach that relies on the testimonium Sancti Spiritus internurn to enable one to accept Christian belief without the necessity of prior demonstrations.
For students used to listening to lectures, the case method changes everything, most of all, the roles of instructor and student.
Central to the case method is the use of a story (4,12-14).