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a metal conductor specially designed to conduct (and radiate) heat

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Plus inside the new retail package consumers will find four great ultra-soft silicon fan mounts to mount the case fan inside the PC case vibration-free.
Designed for lifestyles of the everyday customer, the assortment will appeal to new and existing Case fans alike.
But was it the case fans sang it away from Anfield before the Kop did, and before it was released by Gerry and The Pacemakers?
Judith Hackitt of the HSE issued an open letter criticising Wimbledon's decision to switch off its giant screen on Murray Mount in case fans slipped and injured themselves on the sodden slope.
He believes they are nervous to say what they really think in case fans think they are being too mean.
Well recognized silent Nexus products are their real silent case fans, cpu coolers and power supplies.
BARMY BBC bosses have warned their World Cup commentators to wear ear plugs -in case fans cheer too loudly when England score.
One team of spotters had spent the entire weekend at Istanbul airport in case fans entered.
In case fans are worrying that it's too far out the club could lay on transport to and from Goodison - in reality it would probably be quicker tog et to and from there than Kings Dock.
Now the club can argue a strong case that they have no obligation to oblige any newspaper journalist, in which case fans can make do with the club's official mouthpiece - the website.
He was in the thick of the confrontations and it is understood Wolstenholme thought the player was trying to get sent off, but the official was afraid to do so in case fans rioted.
Just in case fans of "Arrested Development" feared they'd never see the Bluths in action again, the show's stars have taken to Twitter with photos to allay those fears.
Kevin Miles, international co-ordinator for the Football Supporters' Federation, is at Istanbul airport in case fans manage to get into the country and need help or advice.
Priscilla said the band had never spoken openly about girlfriends in case fans got jealous.
In the 1950s, when he was the "idol of the Odeons", he had to have his flies sewn up before film premieres in case fans tried to strip him naked.