Cascade Range

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a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California

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The Cascade Loop Heritage Tour - South Guide focuses on the southern section of Washington's Cascade Loop along U.
In the audio portion of this tour, listeners will hear the voices of local Cascade Loop residents, including a vegetable farmer, fruit orchardists, loggers, forest service employees, traditional craftspeople, a vintner and many others.
for the simple feedback and cascade loop, respectively.
Remark 4: The proposed variance decomposition approach uses only routine operating data; it cannot, therefore, predict the settings of the primary and secondary controller at which the optimal cascade loop performance is achieved.
After you've had your shopping fix, there are a couple of must-dos in Seattle before you head off for a few days around Washington state's Cascade Loop.
But for a truly unforgettable Washington experience, it's worth doing the Cascade Loop - a trail that takes you from Seattle to the scenic Snoqualmie Falls.
The software allowed the processor to set limits, enter PID values, set up cascade loops and experiment with configurations to match the system to the process.