Cascade Range

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a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California

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It is known from an isolated population 53 km east of the Cascade Range crest at Oak Creek-Springs in Wasco County (Nussbaum 1976).
As in Oregon, which depends on Cascade Range winter snowpack for much of the water in the populous Willamette Valley, there may be significant impacts on ecosystems, agriculture, hydropower, industry, municipalities and recreation, especially in summer when water demands peak.
In July, Heimpel, along with nine others, climbed the 14,000-foot Mount Shasta in Northern California's Cascade Range as a fundraiser for the foster-youth-run advocacy group California Youth Connection.
The final tap in the range, is part of Better Bathrooms' most popular tap collection, the Cascade range.
Some of the sites used in this study are operated by Law's research group in the central Oregon Cascade Range in the Metolius River watershed, and they are consistent with some of these concerns.
ART/GEOGRAPHY: Imagine you're working with the Cascade Range Volcano Observatory to make special trading cards for the 20 major volcanoes in the Cascade Range.
EMERALD GEMS: The spectacular Cascade range ESPRESSO TRAIN: Coffee empire started here FAST TRACK: Get around by monorail
I divide Washington into four regions in terms of waterfowling: Saltwater or Tidal, the Cascade Range West, Cascade Range East, and the Big Rivers, which includes the Columbia, the Snake, and the Pend Oreille.
The Spruce Ridge pyrite and quartz deposit, located near the crest of Washington's Cascade Range, was first explored in the 1950s by Bear Creek Mining.
There are few places--Oregonians and Californians may disagree--that hold more potential for big blacktail bucks than Washington's Cascade Range and its Gifford Pinchot National Forest (GPNF), more than 1 million acres of public ground.
northern California to British Columbia, the Cascade Range, are the
In Holding Ground: Game Birds, Gun Dogs, Friends, And The Land In Between, Sam draws upon his years of experience and expertise to write twenty-three stories and poems about game bird hunting ranging from his youth hunting the valleys of eastern New Hampshire to his current abode in Washington's Cascade Range.
An earlier Forest Service study, with a different lab, used fur snagging to see if any lynx still roam the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington.
Because Mount Rainier has the most glaciers in the Cascade Range these hazards are more problematic.