Cascade Mountains

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a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California

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Since the day six weeks earlier when he had arrived at Skybillings Logging Company, Albert had worked for Nariff Olben and his crew laying the tracks-they called them "sections"-for the rough-hewn Skybillings railroad line that inched its way up the Cascade Mountains from Seakomish.
For hikers who are nonetheless interested in tasting the berries, Hummer told Popular Science they can be found on the "western, wetter side of the Cascade Mountains, off the Pacific Crest Trail.
Land of the Lost Wolves BBC1, 9pm Gordon Buchanan presents a two-part programme documenting the return of a wolf pack to the snowy peaks of Washington's Cascade Mountains.
They travelled instead to the Cascade Mountains in Washington where wolves have returned by themselves.
In this two-part wildlife special, the Scottish cameraman travels to Washington State's Cascade Mountains in an attempt to track down wolves who are flourishing in the wild after being driven to the point of extinction.
LAND OF THE LOST WOLVES BBC One, 9pm Gordon Buchanan, above, presents a two-part programme documenting the return of a wolf pack to the snowy peaks of Washington''s Cascade Mountains.
Even though Whidbey Island was a nice 60 F, we saw plenty of snow on top of the Cascade Mountains, and the freezing level was near 5,000 feet.
Additionally, the Checkmates had the opportunity to fly their Super Hornets on low-level missions in the Cascade Mountains and conduct basic fighter maneuvers (dogfighting missions) in support of EA-6B Prowlers from the Rooks of VAQ-137, who hosted the Checkmates while at Whidbey Island.
Leavenworth is the centerpiece of Washington's Cascade Mountains and your base camp for everything the season offers.
Through case studies of debates over wilderness boundaries in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington, Marsh (history, Idaho State U.
Customers near the Cascade Mountains can now opt for a telephone number within the 541 area code or keep their existing number.
He became a member of the 9th Infantry Regiment and for five years was stationed in Washington State on the west coast, fighting Indians in the Cascade Mountains.
Smiling his crinkly smile, treating his supplicants like the big shots they weren't, Reagan appeared in grip-and-grin photos from the Cascade Mountains to the Sonoran Desert.
From professional sports to individual outdoor activities, opportunities abound in the nearby Cascade Mountains or on the waters of Puget Sound where island hopping is a favorite pastime.
USA: Dan Witkowski, a 25-year-old skier missing for four days and four freezing nights in the central US Cascade Mountains, was found alive after a helicopter spotter saw his fresh tracks.