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Synonyms for Casanova

a man amorously attentive to women

Synonyms for Casanova

an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)

any man noted for his amorous adventures

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Thus Casanovas achieves in his domain what Adorno saw musicians achieving in theirs: learning how to slip the constraints of traditional practices through the use of the most modern of techniques, thus increasing the possibilities of development both in their practice and their formal inventiveness.
Relative to these new works (as well as for former experiments), Casanovas evokes a process the elaboration of which stretches out over a long period of time.
Casanova's husband, Len, who preceded her in death in 2002, was the longtime - and revered - head football coach and athletic director at the UO for whom the Casanova Center was named.
But Len and Margaret Casanova were a team, those who knew the couple said Friday, and Margaret, like Len, was someone you didn't forget.
uk/news/magazine-24065878) "Italy's Casanova hit where it hurts" is lazy and insulting journalism.
Number of the days the Casanova team will be in bangkok
South Indian superstar Mohanlal is in top gear as he slips behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxter in Dubai to film a thrilling car race sequence for his latest Malayalam film, Casanova.
Aussie hunk Heath Ledger, 26, stars as Casanova in the film, shot in Venice.
Sienna plays the woman who finally manages to tame Casanova in the movie, which stars Australian actor Heath Ledger, 26, as the famous seducer.
It also stars Oliver Platt and Heath Ledger as Casanova.
Sienna arrives by gondola with Casanova co-stars Heath Ledger and Oliver Platt yesterday; Pictures: FRANCO ORIGLIA/GETTY; Beauty gets off boat with Platt
Every single one of them is polite,'' said Nino Galindo of Simi Academy of Soccer Kickers, who has coached at least five of the Casanovas.
But it is with Casanovas that Galerie Besson has for all 23 years been entwined.
Sad Sienna broke off their engagement but bounced back in style yesterday after arriving to plug her new movie, Casanova, which was being premiered at the Venice Film Festuval.
Dressed in a classic black dress and without Jude by her side, 23-year-old Sienna grinned as she arrived in a gondola to face the cameras to promote her new movie Casanova in which she stars alongside Heath Ledger.