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Synonyms for Casanova

a man amorously attentive to women

Synonyms for Casanova

an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)

any man noted for his amorous adventures

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Casanovas can control the pressure at the chambers of the different segments to create a "serial manipulator"--a series of links connected by motor-actuated joints that extend from a base to an end-effector.
However, Casanovas has manufactured various segments of the device using a preliminary design similar to the traditional FMA, which displayed "significant dexterity, but limited force, highlighting the need for design optimisation".
Since the beginning of his career Casanovas has distinguished himself through an absolutely singular use of clay which hitherto had never been experimented with.
Margaret Casanova, the matri arch of the University of Oregon athletic department, died Thursday at the age of 99.
Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is living a life of fast cars and beautiful women in Dubai -- all for his latest film, Casanova, of course
CELEBRITIES including Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger will take to the red carpet tonight at the UK film premiere of Casanova.
The actress, 23 - now back with love-rat fiance Jude Law - sports the specs and dodgy 'tache in her new movie Casanova.
Sad Sienna has stayed silent since breaking off their engagement but played a blinder yesterday after arriving to plug her new movie Casanova at the Venice Film Festival.
She grinned as she faced the cameras to promote her new movie Casanova.
Of course, Casanovas cites the Catholic Church's prohibition against asserting the motion of the earth as physically true.
There are so many practice and game times to keep track of that Peggy Casanova of Simi Valley has a color-coded chart so each of the Casanovas - Matthew, Megan, Molly, Madeline, Max, Marissa, Mitchell and Macarios - get to where they need to be during soccer season.
Though principally associated with Lucie Rie (12 shows) and Hans Coper (eight exhibitions), it is appropriate that Casanovas should be the last act, for Besson gave him a record 14 exhibitions, starting in her first year of 1988.
She plays the woman who finally manages to tame the lothario in the new movie Casanova.
Sad Sienna broke off their engagement but bounced back in style yesterday after arriving to plug her new movie, Casanova, which was being premiered at the Venice Film Festuval.
Dressed in a classic black dress and without Jude by her side, 23-year-old Sienna grinned as she arrived in a gondola to face the cameras to promote her new movie Casanova in which she stars alongside Heath Ledger.