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a port on the Atlantic and the largest city of Morocco

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Le tournoi de Casablanca s'inscrit dans le cadre du calendrier 2013 du Circuit international Mohammed VI qui comprend outre les etapes de Casablanca (19-26 octobre dernier pour les dames et 26 octobre- 2e novembre pour les messieurs), les etapes de Tanger (15-22 juin 2013) et de Meknes (7-14 septembre 2013).
In connection with this transaction, Casablanca Mining President and Director, Zirk Engelbrecht, and Directors Angelique de Maison and Thomas Ronk each agreed to vote 3.
2) 8th September 2015- The construction of the second tramway line in the Moroccan economic city Casablanca has begun.
Une idee qui a tenu mordicus, en depit de la creation il y'a quelques mois par la wilaya de Casablanca d'un think tank.
Grace a cette victoire, la deuxieme de la saison contre un nul et deux defaites, les proteges de Abderrahim Talib se hissent provisoirement a la 5e place avec 7 points alors que le Fussistes, conservent leur 8e position avec 6 points aux cotes de Raja Casablanca et KAC Kenitra.
de Maison said, "I continue to be impressed by the Casablanca Mining management team and the progress they have made with my investments to date.
Le processus des elections s'est deroule dans la transparence totale, affirme Me docteur Youssef Elmenaouar, avocat au Barreau du Grand Casablanca et professeur universitaire.
The new Casablanca flight will start on 1 July and will be the only non-stop service to Casablanca from Oman.
The new Casablanca flight will start on 1st July and will be the only non-stop service to Casablanca from Oman.
While Istanbul and Moscow will be served by Oman Air's Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Casablanca will be served by 787-8.
Summary: It will serve traffic from Airport Street in the direction of Casablanca Street.
The new bridge will eliminate the waiting time for motorists at the signal at the intersection of Casablanca Street.
Washington: The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank okayed a EUR 172 million loan to the Municipality of Casablanca, the first sub-national lending operation in Morocco in two decades.
Achraf Bencharki and Walid El Karti, Wydad Casablanca`s midfielders, should be able to express the full extent of their talent to win, as Raja Casablanca did in 2013.
In the years preceding, Casablanca had evolved from an exotic travel destination to a key military target after France's surrender to Germany.