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Since these cryptochromes act in the production of anthocyanin, we believe that these receptors may also be associated with the production of betalains, once they are exclusively present in the order Caryophyllales, replacing anthocyanins (Gandia-Herrero et al.
El analisis de densidad mostro que la mayor cantidad de especimenes por litro esta dada por el orden Caryophyllales (Figura 3a), con una diferencia importante en relacion a los taxa restantes; Astragalus pehuencheses el segundo taxa en numero de ejemplares.
In the Caryophyllales subgroup, Alternanthera tenella and Petiveria alliacea, were accurately classified as sisters in concordance with Cuenoud et al.
This newest addition to the definitive work carries on amongst the dicots, listing 740 species in 74 genera and three families, including Caryophyllales (pink order), Polygonales (Buckwheat order) and Plumbaginales (Leadwort order).
The family's taxonomic position is uncertain; they are now included in the order Caryophyllales and are thought to be closely related to the families Cactaceae and Aizoaceae.
Of orders of comparable size and ecological distribution, only Asterales and Caryophyllales have offered such excellent materials for the understanding of wood xeromorphy (Carlquist 1966, 2010; Mauseth, 1993).
A ora-pro-nobis, que no latim significa "rogai por nos", e uma planta que pertence ao reino Plantae, classe Magnoliopsida, ordem Caryophyllales, familia Cactaceae e genero Pereskia.
Betalains are water-soluble nitrogenous vacuolar pigments present in flowers and fruits of many caryophyllales with potent antioxidant properties.
Soares GLG, Kaplan MAC (1995) Estudo quimico da ordem Caryophyllales.
Lagrota MHC, Wigg MD, Miranda MMFS, Santos MGM, Costa SS (1995) Inhibiton of herpes simplex virus replication by different extracts of Caryophyllales.
In Caryophyllales, Frankeniaceae have xeromorphic xylem.