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Especimenes estudiados: sobre Caryocaraceae, Caryocar brasiliensis Cambessedes, BRASIL: Minas Gerais, EN de Lagoa de Prata, 28 Abr.
General aspects: 22% (ten species) were Papilionaceae, 18% (eight species) were Caesalpiniaceae, 13% (six species) were Meliaceae, 9% (four species) were Podocarpaceae, 7% (three species) were Lecythidaceae, 4% (two species) each were Caryocaraceae or Humiriaceae; other families represented the 27% (12 species) of endangered or threatened timber species endemic to Costa Rica.
Caesalpiniaceae Sclerolobium Angiosperm Yes costaricense Zamora & Poveda Caryocaraceae Anthodiscus Angiosperm Yes chocoensis Prance Lauraceae Caryodaphnopsis Angiosperm Yes burgeri N.
The floral morphology and anatomy of the Caryocaraceae.
Papaya Caricaceae Caryocar glabrum Water sawari Caryocaraceae (Aubl.
O pequizeiro e uma planta perene, nativa, explorada de forma extrativista, tipica da regiao do cerrado, pertencente ao genero Caryocar e a familia Caryocaraceae.
Promise and problems in applying quantitative complementary areas for representing the diversity of some neotropical plants (families Dichapetalaceae, Lecythidaceae, Caryocaraceae, Chrysobalanaceae and Proteaceac).
As Caryocaraceae sao encontradas no neotropico e tem dois generos: Anthodiscas (folhas opostas), cujas especies vao de Santa Catarina ate a Costa Rica, e Caryocar.
Distribution patterns of lowland neotropical species with relation to history, dispersal and ecology with special reference to Chrysobalanaceae, Caryocaraceae and Lecythidaceae.