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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

British statesman and leader during World War II

a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay

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Frances Gray, "Mirrors of Utopia: Caryl Churchill and Joint Stock," in British and Irish Drama since 1960, ed.
Goodman clearly focuses on the diversity between theory and practice in theater, particularly in the definitions of feminist theater forwarded by such people as Loren Kruger, Sarah Daniels, Pam Gems, Megan Terry, Yvonne Brewster, Ntozake Shange, Caryl Churchill, Gillian Hanna, and Joan Lipkin.
The award, worth PS25,000, will enable Kate to make her debut as director with a production of a Caryl Churchill play, Far Away, at London's Young Vic theatre from November 7-29.
The letter, which was signed by world renowned theatre practictioners including amongst many others; Caryl Churchill, Mark Rylance, David Calder and Mike Leigh, stated that it didnA[sup.
Top Girls by Caryl Churchill opens at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, on Wednesday for a four-date run.
The crimes committed against the people of Gaza inspired the British playwright Caryl Churchill to write "Seven Jewish Children" -- a play of seven monologues that roughly correspond to events in Jewish and Palestinian history over the last 70 years.
Many of the usual suspects are present: Terence Rattigan, Caryl Churchill, Timberlake Wertenbaker and Sarah Daniels, as well as some less familiar figures such as Phyllis Nagy, Sandra Freeman, Roy Williams, and Olwen Wymark.
28) Caryl Churchill, Top Girls (London: Methuen, 1990), 6.
Tickets are now on sale for Warwick Arts Centre's new season which begins on January 10 and includes everything from award-winning drama from Conor McPherson and Caryl Churchill to comedy from Jerry Sadowitz.
This Friday Play, currently being performed at the Royal Court Theatre, is by Caryl Churchill, probably one of the top five best-regarded contemporary playwrights and stars the excellent Michael Gambon and Daniel Craig.
Among them were Joe Orton, Caryl Churchill, Samuel Becket, David Hare, Alan Ayckbourn and, for 30 years, Alan Plater.
There he produced more than 100 new plays and himself directed work by David Hare, Caryl Churchill (whose new play, Far Away, he'll be directing later this year), Arnold Wesker and Ron Hutchinson.
Apart from Pinter, Ayckbourn, Stoppard and Hare, there's John Osborne, John Arden, Robert Holman, Caryl Churchill, Edward Bond, Sarah Daniels - there's a huge treasure-trove of plays there.
If you went into our literary office and picked up a play at random you should be able to say yes, this is Caryl Churchill, this is Harold Pinter.
Opening in its last venue before New York, Out of Joint's intriguing double bill of plays by Caryl Churchill brought the "house full" signs and an enthusiastic response last night.