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Synonyms for jack-o'-lantern

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

lantern carved from a pumpkin

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Carved pumpkins on your front porch are fun, but never leave your pet unattended around a candle-lit pumpkin.
There were big toothy grins and jagged mean frowns, triangle-shaped eyes and surprised circular ones, to say nothing of cats and bats, skulls and spiders - just what you'd expect from the thousands of carved pumpkins at the third Jack-O'-Lanterns on Broadway in Eugene, a fundraising event for ShelterCare.
Any child with carved pumpkin goes in free with a ticket-paying adult.
Once Halloween has passed, either compost your carved pumpkin or donate it to your local zoo - pumpkins are a special seasonal treat for zoo animals like elephants
IT might look like a game, but introducing items such as ropes, poles, or, in this case, a carved pumpkin, into the Sumatran Tiger Reserve at West Midland Safari Park is an essential part of the Park's animal enrichment programme.
SPOOK-TACULAR: Gemma Clarke shows off a carved pumpkin
People interested in participating can submit a photo of their carved pumpkin to the dealership's contact.
Sponsors pledged $5 per carved pumpkin to the organization, said Bassi, a development officer for the organization.
The furry creatures were given their own carved pumpkin as a special treat at Bristol Zoo before Halloween on October 31.
The carved pumpkin also known as the Jack-o-Lantern has become one of the most prominent symbols of Halloween.
Children under 18 can get in free if you come in fancy dress and remember to bring your carved pumpkin to be in with a chance of winning a prize.
Give your home and garden a glow with carved pumpkin lanterns and colourful candles.
They're alluring even in daytime, thanks to reflective facets that no ordinary carved pumpkin can claim.
Which is probably why the more pagan festival of Hallowe'en on October 31 is suddenly taking off, complete with spooky, carved pumpkin heads and a whole shopping basket full of toys, masks, sweets and in-store activities.
Send us your carved pumpkin pictures this Halloween.