carve out

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establish or create through painstaking effort

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remove from a larger whole

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Specifically, the Special Committee concluded, after consultation with management, that there was substantial uncertainty that NHHC would have $20 million in cash on hand (less certain carve-outs in Premier's proposal) in light of the increased professional fees resulting from litigation and the consideration of multiple bids from Premier and Angelo Gordon, and because Premier's proposal did not expressly carve out from the $20 million cash requirement NHHC's obligation to pay $1.
HealthCap management says the Southeast Women's Healthcare contract establishes a solid platform for launching its single-specialty OB/GYN carve out services in Florida, and for its further expansion in the Southeast.
Activism, Bankruptcy, Carve Outs, Deep Value with Catalyst, Demutualizations, Directors Dealings, Distressed Securities, Liquidations, Merger Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Post-Re-Orgs, Privatizations, Recapitalizations, Recovery Situations, Equity Restructurings, Reverse Mergers, Reverse Morris Trusts, Rights Offerings, Special Dividends, Spinoffs, Split-offs, Share Buybacks, Tender Offers and Turnarounds.
8221; Securitized loans have several key features, including: (a) non-recourse to the borrowing entity and to the principals of the borrower, except for the so called non-recourse carve outs, (b) low interest rates, (c) terms/amortizations of approximately 10/25 years, respectively, and (d) the resulting loans are bundled into “pools” with similar loans and sold as commercial mortgage backed securities to investors on Wall Street.
OSCPA staff continues to watch a number of provisions in the budget, including the removal of the consolidation of state boards and commissions (including the Accountancy Board of Ohio), eliminating potential carve outs from the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), and ensuring the annual CAT filing date moves from Feb.