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English clergyman who invented the power loom (1743-1823)

a workman who makes and repairs carts and wagons

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Diane Cartwright, from Mynytho, Gwynedd, placed a chain around the door of the EE store in the Deiniol Shopping Centre at Bangor on Tuesday to try and get bosses to either give her a working phone or release her from her contract.
Mrs Cartwright, who is in her 50s, relies on her mobile phone to run her dog-grooming company called Porthma'DOG' in Porthmadog with husband Edmund, She claims her phone only receives an intermittent signal meaning her company was potentially losing hundreds of pounds from customers in missed calls.
Caroline Cartwright, 48, claims she is unable to stop the loud shouting and screaming she makes during lovemaking with her husband Steve.
However, when Mrs Cartwright was convicted of breaching the notice, magistrates made her subject of an anti-social behaviour order as well.
Caroline Cartwright, 48, claimed she was unable to stop shouting and screaming during lovemaking with her husband Steve.
London, Nov 120 (ANI): Caroline and Steve Cartwright were making lives of their neighbours miserable with their "unnatural" lovemaking, a court was told.
They are accused of defrauding Mary Cartwright, whom Timothy Watkins married just a few months after her 88-year-old husband died in March 1996.
He handed down the jail sentences after hearing how the Cartwrights had unleashed a tirade of physical and verbal abuse at railway staff and police.
Darcy said she had known the Cartwrights for years and recalled how A.
Caroline Cartwright, 48, is accused of flouting her anti-social behaviour order three times in 10 days.
Caroline Cartwright, 48, was remanded in custody until May 5 charged with three breaches of her Asbo in just 10 days.
Mr Wood says Fred was one of three sons (with Teddy and Jack) of Henry and Lucy Cartwright.
Alliance Parts Warehouse LLC, led by Robert Raff, purchased the Mid State Automotive Distributors at 6320 Young Road from the Alan Cook Cartwright Trust and Alice Cartwright Garner.
Cartwright appeared before magistrates from custody having been arrested yesterday and charged with the third offence.
Just four months after her husband died in March 1996, a transient hired to paint the six cottages that make up the Cartwright Motel married the senile widow, authorities said.