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a person who draws cartoons

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be able to compare themselves to a Sunday cartoon artist.
But the party that is most keen on fielding famous names is the Jiyurengo, which has already decided to include a cartoon artist, a former singer in a famous pop group and former sports stars on its list of candidates.
Cartoon artist Steve Marchant will also be at the conference, for 80 primary and senior teachers in the county, to capture key mom-ents on paper.
I would certainly encourage him to try to become a top-flight cartoon artist although the competition is fierce.
The Simpsons, created by cartoon artist Matt Groening, are a family of five made up of dull-witted father Homer, good-intentioned mom Marge and kids Bart and Lisa and Maggie, who all live in a town called Springfield that serves as a microcosm of the United States.
Cartoon artist Ben Simpson - known as Doctor Simpo - is pictured showing them drawing techniques.
Cartoon artist Kev F Sutherland (The Beano, Viz) holds a comic art workshop at Yale College's learning resource centre, Wrexham on Wednesday.
The Complete Cartooning Course, written by Steve Edgell and published by BARRON'S, is a heavily illustrated, easy-to-follow, self-teaching course for beginning cartoonists to help them take the all-important steps to becoming a cartoon artist.
Other featured artists that winners will exhibit alongside include: street artist, Zimad; cartoon artist and animator, Pat Smith; mural artist and curator, Meres; and music photographer, Danny Clinch.
It is the mission of the Association to preserve the role of the cartoon artist in our society and ensure that new artists continue to consider this profession a viable outlet for their creative and journalistic energies.
In addition to learning basic cycling safety, children will enjoy face painting, a strolling magician and a cartoon artist.
unseen cartoon artist torments the little black duck.
Burke, a writer with seventeen years of experience creating and selling original television series, and Balser, a skilled cartoon artist and Flash animator, have assembled a team of top animation talent, which includes character artist Bill Schwab ("Beavis and Butthead"), Animation Director Kelly Armstrong ("Ren & Stimpy"), and Creator/Storyboarder Greg Emison ("Cow & Chicken"), among others.
There were 65 entries and a panel of three well known cartoon artists judged the cartoons.