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the making of maps and charts

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It is also the first attempt to overview Samogitia Dioceze and present it to the public and also the first try of both visually and cartographically illustrated description of Samogitia Dioceze (Fig.
The topographic map of the scale of 1 : 10 000 proved to be an inappropriate source for identifying landslides because only 23 from cartographically determined landslides were found during the field survey.
Roma citta aperta, in which the loathsome sight of torture is excruciating, can be understood cartographically, as a staging of the yoking of locational imaging to terror" (65).
In the early summer of 1939 a piece by Arnold appeared on the editorial page of the Winnipeg Free Press, an article partly inspired by a map she had smuggled out of Germany that expressed cartographically a future "Greater Germany" extending from the Scandinavian countries to northern Spain and from Great Britain, through the Baltic countries to the Russian steppes.
Bouchra Khalili used tales of illegal immigration as a way of cartographically reconfiguring the Mediterranean in her eight-screen video installation The Mapping Journey Project, 2008-11.
The cartographically marked functional types on different scales in historical territories show an identity, density, intensity, variety, planning systems hierarchy, protection level and other structural characterizations of that site.
Considered in this way, and especially as represented cartographically, a novel like Vertue Rewarded--imaginatively populated by an Irish gentlewoman, a princely German hero, his English commander of the horse, a Dutch king, an Antisuyan noblewoman, and her Spanish conquistador lover--might be thought to represent a view of Ireland that has a much stronger historiographical basis than anything suggested either by its realistic frame (the Williamite wars), important though that is, or its no less important romance elements (the stories of Marinda, Faniaca and Cluaneesha).
My choice of a swastika for Chinese temples, while cartographically acceptable in Asia, proved difficult to accept for westerners.
Even Michael Wiley's cartographically informed reading of the Simplon episode omits local maps in its pursuit of an analogy between Wordsworth's "blanking" of the landscape in the apostrophe to the imagination and the lingering blank spaces on African and West-English maps of the period (signifying the limits of cartographers' geographic knowledge).
In fact, "umile Italia" (low-lying Italy) represents a poetic program that Dante develops cartographically as well as rhetorically in the poem's treatment of Italy and Italian places.
The pictures have been smoothed, matched, blended and cartographically controlled to make a giant mosaic.
Year 1 is devoted to understanding and representing urban space digitally and cartographically.
Finally, results are presented cartographically, allowing visualization of the spatial distribution of the unexplained variance in overweight across areas.
Archaeology and Landscape in the Mongolian Altai: An Atlas is an extraordinary reference presenting the exploration and survey of one of the last, remote corners of the world to be cartographically documented.
3) The shape of the continental United States, established cartographically, unproblematically represented in road maps, railroad maps, atlases, school texts, advertisements, and news, has become iconographic.