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the making of maps and charts

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Although French cartographers were leading the way in producing increasingly accurate images of the world, much of their work was based on false assumptions until the development and widespread use of aerial photography was to be introduced more than a century later.
A multi-media interactive website that celebrates the life and times of 16th-century cartographer Martin Waldseemuller--who created the 1507 World Map, which is the first document to use the name 'America," represent the Pacific Ocean, and depict a separate and full Western Hemisphere--has been unveiled by the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.
The Minard map is used as an example for discussion and analysis of how cartographers draw maps.
Later, in 2005, New Internationalist social justice magazine in the UK teamed up with Oxford Cartographers to publish their own version of the map at an enlarged size of 33” wide.
Most of the cartographers began by copying the images from illustrated encyclopaedias, according to the report.
While today's online cartographers do not face the same risks, they, too, are embarking on a journey into the unknown in search of knowledge, excitement, and better lives.
Work of Caspar Henneberger is one of the best cartographic works of Renaissance period and, for more than 100 years, this map had been copied by European cartographers, remade and printed in various atlases.
Cartographers are in the business of information communication.
Rather than take the traditional approach of map-historical literature which tended to focus on cultural, social, and ideological elements of creating maps, the author concentrates on what early cartographers did and how they did it.
The mistakes of long-dead cartographers have nearly all been eradicated.
Speaking at a Royal Geographic Society conference, Ms Spence said: "Corporate cartographers are demolishing thousands of years of history - not to mention Britain's remarkable geography - at a stroke by not including them on maps which millions of us now use every day.
Geographers know where and why features are located on the Earth's surface--and their relationships to people and politics--while cartographers know where and how to place these features on maps, globes, and other geospatial products.
He was also reputed to have established a school for navigators and cartographers at his base in southern Portugal.
states and thematic maps crafted by world-renowned cartographers.
I just reduced them and edited them in the style of the old cartographers.