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Pristis microdon belongs to the wideranging family of cartilaginous fishes called elasmobranchs (from the Greek words elasmos, meaning beaten metal and bragkhia, meaning gills) which includes sharks, rays and chimaeras or ghost sharks.
Despite broad divergence, there are a number of common features of the brain that evolved at least as early as cartilaginous fishes and persist across all vertebrates," News.
For most salmonids, cartilaginous fishes, three-spine stickleback, Irish lords (Hemilepidotus spp.
Species not represented by otoliths, such as salmonids (during 1998) and cartilaginous fishes, were detected because all structures were used.
Garman settled into the MCZ fish department and was immediately drawn to the cartilaginous fishes, an interest that lasted his entire life.
Therefore, when working with cartilaginous fishes (especially those at liberty for many years), it may be extremely important to obtain as many vertebrae as possible, to keep OTC-labeled centra away from light, to preplan microscope viewing sessions carefully, and to process and photograph samples quickly.